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The Failed Muse

I keep thinking that I probably have a character who represents each of the reasons I gave for siring a new vampire in my recent article.

My first character, Kismet, was Embraced to provide inspiration, but she was never able to live up to her sire's expectations.  Her sire, Ari, had once had a longer-term paramour named Louis, many years before Kismet was turned.  Between them, Louis and Ari Embraced a woman they coveted named Julia.  She not only kept them together, but she also inspired Ari's art for a number of years; he painted her over and over and never grew bored.  Unfortunately, Louis didn't quite feel the same contentment.  He tried to leave but Ari stood firmly against it, so Louis destroyed the bond between them by destroying Julia.  Only when Ari gave up on revenge did he think to sire again but his bitterness hadn't burnt itself out.  He Embraced with the intention of creating a muse and a student, but Kismet would never be Julia.  He was brutal with Kismet's mistakes and belittled her actual abilities.  Ari didn't realize how much his Humanity had been decaying.  After years of exalting the dead Julia, Ari recovered a stash of his old works and Kismet saw the woman for the first time.  The most unbearable thing was that Julia was pretty but not exceptional, and had left no art of her own to judge.  And even though they despised each other, Ari would not release his childe to lead her own life because she did give him something special: a particular taste of power.  The first ally that Kismet made on her own helped her to diablerize her sire, and together the pair fled the city.
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