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A Spiteful Embrace

Acibella started life as the pampered and beloved daughter of a nobleman, and she assumed that it was for her family's standing and her natural charms that she was chosen for the Embrace.  Once a vampire, however, her sire discovered just how little she liked to obey, and Dominate would only go so far to correct her inner bitch.  She managed to offend enough people in just enough ways to get herself banished - to the city of London, where Mithras ruled with an iron fist.  He had risen from torpor a few hundred years before and, from behind the scenes, he cleared his city of those he found wanting.  He broke the power of the Toreador and the Lasombra took to their heels, back to the mainland.  So it was to Mithras' city that the Lasombra sent Acibella, with the command that she should watch and report, if she couldn't screw that up.  She knew that she was expected to trip over her own tongue shortly after arriving; Acibella understood she was being sent to die. 

So, to tweak their noses, she became useful.

Acibella became an effective eye because she made no pretense of what she was.  She slowly but surely wended her way into the city's life, looking for low men on the totem pole (not that she knew what a totem pole was!).  She found the most humane of the remaining Toreador, a gentle woman by the name of Caitriona, and chose to follow her about.  Caitriona retained some of the strongest ties the Toreador had left with the church, and she supported every religious artist she could.  Acibella had never seen so kind a vampire and for a time, Caitriona was a novelty.  But then Acibella noticed that Caitriona was grooming a girl for the Embrace, and since Caitriona was in good enough standing, she might just get permission if she asked at the right moment.  And Acibella couldn't have that.

No one knows quite what Acibella did to acquire permission to sire, or what grudge she had against Caitriona, but she went straight for Cecily, Caitriona's choice.  Acibella took the girl without explanation or apology, and at last she had someone to crush beneath her heel as the Ventrue regularly crushed her pride in Elysiums.  Cecily was not meant to be a spy - Caitriona had intended to Embrace her to preserve her amazing singing voice for all time.  Cecily was humble before God and afraid of the dark.  She was the perfect punching bag for her sire.

But Cecily was not a useless girl.  She watched, she listened, and she learned how to stay out of the way.  She kept her head down out of necessity and did not argue when Acibella swore fealty to a local Ventrue lord.  Cecily couldn't even argue when the lord commanded that Acibella send her childe to be educated by a rival - a Toreador named Julianna - in return for training Julianna's right hand man.  Cecily expected Julianna to be cruel, as all mistresses must be, but Julianna was not.  What's more, Julianna was Acibella's enemy and was determined to teach Cecily things of use.  She was tasked with training the girl to be a social adept vampire.

In the meantime, Acibella took charge of Julianna's beloved ghoul and lover, Benjamin, with the goal of teaching him to be a proper servant.  And that was something she knew how to do.  For the first time in his life, Benjamin had no more power than a woman of his times.  He was ordered about like a servant, brutalized like a slave, and chastized like a child.  And then, when he had pleased Acibella (and sometimes for no discernible reason at all), Benjamin was rewarded like he hadn't dared to wish in his darkest dreams.  Acibella tore away his sense of self and reshaped it, but she could not touch his feelings for his lady (bless, oh bless the True Love merit!).  Benjamin returned home with a new understanding of his delicate position, and a new sympathy for his vampire lady-love.  What must she face when she was away from him, and in the company of other vampires?

Cecily, on the other hand, returned with a confidence she wisely hid.  Oh, Acibella knew the girl was puffed up by the Toreador bitch.  She knew her childe counted Julianna an ally against her.  But Acibella could bide her time, and make her childe useful again.
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